Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

Losing all of your natural teeth can be difficult both physically and emotionally. Not only does it make chewing and speaking extremely challenging, it makes most people feel self-conscious as well. They don’t want to reveal a gummed smile to the world, so they simply don’t smile. If you can relate, we’re happy to let you know that Dr. Kuipers can restore the appearance and functionality of your mouth with an implanted supported fixed bridge.

What to Expect When You Receive an Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

After Dr. Kuipers installs your dental implant posts, the healing process can take between two and six months. During this time, the implants bond with bone in your jaw so they can provide enough support to anchor a dental bridge. You should expect to visit LAVON Dental and Implant Center for up to 10 appointments during the process. Dr. Kuipers will fit you with temporary dentures while you wait.

After your implants have successfully bonded, the next step is for Dr. Kuipers to uncover the implants and install extensions to support your new teeth. You will not need to complete this part of the procedure if you’re eligible to receive a one-step dental implant. Your dentist completes the process by tightening your implants so your replacement teeth will remain securely in place.

Benefits of This Tooth Replacement Option

Each patient receives customized dental implants and artificial teeth that match the shade of their existing teeth as closely as possible. This makes your dental work indistinguishable to others. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to adjust to the feel of a hard piece of plastic across the roof of your mouth. Whether you’re missing all of your natural teeth or just some of them, an implant supported fixed bridge is an excellent replacement option.

Fixed bridges and dental implants are almost as good as having your own natural teeth. You have the same bite strength and will naturally be able to articulate your words more clearly. Additionally, this method of tooth restoration prevents facial sagging and bone loss that can occur with other types.

We are pleased to offer fixed bridges and dental implants for our patients who desire a permanent tooth loss solution as well as a realistic-looking smile. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kuipers to learn more about the procedure. You will thank yourself several months from now that you took the first step today.